Snack Lettuce

Snack Lettuce is the first lettuce variety especially suited for use as a base or holder for ready prepared dishes (guacamole, ceviche and other dips and toppings), plus any number of other uses!

This surprisingly fresh and tasty new lettuce offers a range of unique features including its crunchy texture, its exclusive spoon shaped leaves ideal for holding all types of toppings, and of course it can always be used to prepare the perfect salad.


Enjoy your snack in 4 easy steps

4 pasos

Recipes for fillings

Benefits of the Snack Lettuce

  • The lettuce variety specially designed as a base for snacks.
  • A substitute for bread.
  • Resistant to warm toppings.
  • Easy to prepare and peel.
  • Exclusive spoon-shaped leaf.
  • Excellent flavour and crunchy texture.
  • Also ideal for traditional salad dishes.

The Professional Chain

This product offers high value solutions for the distribution and Horeca or food service sector. Consumers will be presented with a novel and attractive product which offers new forms of consumption using healthy ingredients. Give your customers value for money!   

The restaurant owner will discover a product with fresh and attractive leaves, which can be used in a wide range of dishes (tapas, snacks, wraps, etc) and also as a substitute for plastic utensils, perfectly suited to the trends for both low calorie and sustainable products.

In addition, the product is long-lasting and available all year round.